• Meet Dan Grahovac | Owner, Zen Windows Louisville

    Dan Grahovac Owner

    Hi, my name is Dan and I'm the owner of Zen Windows Louisville. It's my job to ensure that I am always offering the very best experience for all of my customers. So I'm constantly striving to ensure that I fulfill that objective by improving our processes. I've been on both sides of the home improvement process so I know all of the challenges that you might face. I want to make your home improvement experience as smooth as I can.

    In many years working in the industry, I have learned what it takes to deliver the best experience. For starters, I know how valuable your time is which is why I vowed a long time ago to never put you through those long-winded and high pressured sales calls or presentations.

    Instead I aim to maintain honesty, integrity and transparency at every stage of the process. Once we agree on what you would like to see done in your home I will personally control the direction of your projects. I am extremely serious about delivering what I say I am going to do. 

    You can contact me in several ways. Fill out the form on the right side of this page, call me direct, or send an email to dang@zenwindows.com. How easy is that!