Zen Windows is an Energy Star Partner

As an ENERGY STAR partner, Zen Windows is proud to offer the most energy efficient windows on the market. We consider our products to be a feat of engineering, as they’re able to withstand extreme weather while saving energy use in your home. When you go with Zen, you’re not only getting the most popular brands in the industry: You’re also getting a guaranteed significant reduction in heating and cooling costs.

So, what exactly is ENERGY STAR? It’s a program created by the Environmental Protection Agency that challenges businesses and individuals to manufacture great products that cut energy consumption. Windows need to pass rigorous tests to earn the ENERGY STAR designation. Insulation properties are among the most important factors when determining a window’s energy efficiency. See our premium insulation features below:

  1. Vinyl frames lock in heat.
  2. Argon or krypton gas between double- or triple-paned glass provides advanced insulation.
  3. Low E glass coating blocks UV rays.
  4. Polyurethane foam filled sashes and frames add even more insulation.
  5. Expert triple-weather stripping greatly reduces air flow.
  6. Tight seals control temperatures and minimize energy use.

In addition to our ENERGY STAR designation, we have earned the American AAMA certification. Zen is also a member of the NFRC council which sets standards for window and door energy efficiencies.