• The Benefits of Choosing Zen Windows

    At Zen Windows Louisville, we believe in delivering on our promises and in providing unsurpassed quality in every area of our business. What this means for you is that after you've purchased windows from us, you will never have to worry about them again. We offer a lifetime warranty meaning that if you every have any kind of issue with them, we'll be right over to fix them. We're able to offer that kind of guarantee because the materials and workmanship we deliver are second to none. Even if you decide to sell your home, you will still be covered by our warranty!

    There are many more advantages to our products and services too…

    Energy Efficiency

    All our windows and doors are incredibly energy efficient and can save you a small fortune on energy costs. We not only meet, but exceed the requirements of ENERGY STAR ® in all 50 states. All our windows are perfectly manufactured with the highest commitment to precision and quality. On top of this we also offer a vast range of additional advanced features for enhanced insulation. Our windows have the tightest seal on the market and this ensures that you'll be able to keep the warm air in in winter and the cool air in in summer.


    Our windows don't just perform well, they also look the part with beautiful and customizable designs. We offer a wide variety of interior wood grain finishes which can be used to match your flooring or décor in any way you wish. On the outside we have seventeen standard exterior colors and a vast range of custom color options. Three unique window lines and a ton of optional extras all help you to find windows that look just right for your home and that fit within your budget.

    Storm Proof

    Windows and doors are also about security and safety and all of Zen Windows products deliver this in spades. Our impact windows have passed the American Society for Testing Materials Large Missile Impact Level D tests which means they can withstand windows up to 140Mph and gusts up to 212Mph. This means you'll stand the best chances of surviving storms unscathed and it can even help you to keep trespassers out keeping you and your belongings as safe as possible.