• Energy Efficiency and New Windows - Why Spending Money actually Saves Money

  • It may seem daunting when looking at estimates for new windows and doors; the prices may seem scary at first, especially if you don’t fully understand what you’re paying for. Sure, new windows make the house look much nicer, and they certainly add to the appeal of the home (maybe even brighten it up a little bit), but they also can be an investment. Even though money must be spent in order to get new windows, investing in replacing old windows with bad seals actually will save you money.

    Key Factor: Age of windows
    It’s recommended that if your windows are drafty or over 15 years old, they should be replaced. You may notice the draft itself coming through the windows when you walk by them and the room is significantly colder there, or you may notice your energy bill skyrocket because your windows are letting in air from the outside (and letting out air from the inside). “For starters, window replacement is one of the best home remodeling projects in terms of investment return: For average-quality vinyl windows, you can recoup 80% of the project cost in added home value, according to the ‘Remodeling Impact Report’” (houselogic).

    zen windowsHow much can you save?
    Where does the money-saving come from? Well, as stated before, the draftiness of the windows alone is enough to raise your energy bill significantly. If you choose to replace your windows with energy-efficient windows, such as ENERGY STAR, you have the potential to save even more. According to their website, “For a typical home, choose ENERGY STAR and save: $126-$465 a year when replacing single-pane windows. $27-$111 a year over double-pane, clear glass replacement windows.” It equates to saving about 15% a year on your energy bill. When you have heat or air conditioning on in the house, you try to leave the doors and windows closed in order to keep it at the right temperature, right? Well, with old windows, it’s like having little gaps open in the windows at all times, so it becomes more expensive to heat or cool the house.

    How does it work?
    ENERGY STAR works by using heat locking using vinyl frames, advanced insulation with krypton or argon gas between the triple- or double- panes, tight seals, and air blockage using state-of-the-art triple-weather stripping. Putting in a new, quality window, especially one with these types of features, can end up saving a good chunk of change on energy efficiency, along with improving the aesthetics of your home.

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