Why Personalizing Windows for your Newly-Constructed Home Makes Sense

Ask anyone who has built a new home and they’ll tell you it’s a monumental undertaking. Getting it all right, from the layout to the finishes and more takes a ton of time and energy. But ask the homeowner if it was worth it and they will likely say yes. They were able to customize every aspect of their new house to fit their exact taste, budget, and lifestyle.

One of the most important elements of any new home is the windows. Yet many people will spend more time scoping out the perfect fixtures for the guest bathroom than they will choosing their windows.

Sounds crazy, right? But it’s a common mistake. Oftentimes homeowners simply assume the contractor knows best when it comes to windows. They let the builder decide, and they often end up unhappy with the result. Why? Because they didn’t customize their windows to their new home.

Below are some great reasons for customizing your new build’s windows:

You know where your money’s going

Say the builder budgets $10,000 for your home’s windows and you sign off on that amount. That’s how much you will pay him, whether he uses the entire budget or not. If he finds cheap windows at a rock bottom price, he doesn’t have to pass those savings on to you—he’s within his rights if he pockets the balance.

You’re guaranteeing the windows are installed the right way

There’s a difference between replacement windows and new windows. Replacement windows are affixed to tabs, which are attached to the house. This makes sense for an already-built home, because the tabs allow the window to be installed without damaging walls, trim, or siding.

New construction windows are designed differently. They can be nailed directly onto a frame. This process guarantees a perfect fit and a tight seal for your windows.

Based on this information, you’d think all contractors would choose custom windows for new homes. However, many builders will install replacement windows on your home because they are cheaper than custom windows.

You’ll end up saving big money down the road

Cheap, poorly constructed windows aren’t energy efficient, and they don’t come with a lifetime warranty. That means you could end up replacing the windows on your newly built home within 5-10 years.

Here’s a scenario: Say a homeowner spends $10,000 on windows that were chosen and installed by a builder. In a decade, the windows are shot, and the homeowner decides to shell out for new, energy efficient windows with a lifetime warranty. Sure, they cost more than the ones the builder installed initially, but he never wants to have to replace his windows again.

He has now spent a total of $25,000 (plus extra energy costs), and he’s kicking himself. For $15,000, he could have had the energy efficient windows that last a lifetime if he would have customized his windows in the first place.

With Zen Windows, you will never have to pay for windows again. And Zen’s lifetime warranty is 100% transferrable. That’s peace of mind and a great value-add if you decide to sell your home.

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