• The Truth about Energy Efficient Windows

  • Zen Windows is an ENERGY STAR partner, meaning that all of our products are energy efficient and up to the high standards of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who sets the guidelines for this certification (see more information in our ENERGY STAR blog here).  But, what does it mean for windows to be energy efficient and how do they work?

    Energy-efficient windows that live up to the ENERGY STAR standards must include:

    • Heat-locking vinyl frames
    • UV blocking glass coated with Low-emissivity (Low-E)
    • Advanced insulation options using krypton or argon glass alongside triple- or double-paned glass
    • Polyurethane foam filling frames and sashes for extra insulation
    • Tight seals for minimum air infiltration
    • Air blockage using triple-weather stripping

    The glass coating on energy efficient windows works by using a low-emissivity glass that blocks 90% of UV rays.  This does its job of keeping the outside air out and inside air in, which helps so you’re not paying extra money to heat or cool your home.  The polyurethane foam filling frames help add insulation by not only helping close the gap so that air can’t escape, but it is a better insulation than metal, which doesn’t lock out the outside air as well.  The weather stripping plays into this as well, locking in the seal and ensuring the proper air stays where it should so there are no drafts.

    Krypton and argon glass is just glass that is insulated with either krypton or argon gas.  This reduces heat transfer even more, and when paired with triple- or double-paned glass (which also blocks UV rays and keeps heat out), it is the most efficient way to save on energy costs.  The blocking of the UV rays can also help so that fabrics and furniture aren’t faded by the sun.  

    Windows can be one of the most efficient way to save money on heating and cooling.  Installing windows that are ENERGY STAR certified (the most energy-efficient you can get!) can save “$126-$465 a year when replacing single-pane windows and $27-$111 a year over double-pane, clear glass replacement windows” (ENERGY STAR).

    The installation itself can be just as important as the product to ensure insulation is done properly and that everything is fitted properly.  For a quote on your next window project, contact Zen Windows.  Relax.  Window quotes in 5 minutes, and you’ll never have to allow a window salesman into your home again.