• Time to Replace your Windows? Find out here!

  • You’ve been putting it off.  You looked at some companies, but you just never followed through with getting an estimate.  The windows are getting increasingly annoying and costly, but you’re sure you can wait just a little bit longer before replacing them, right?  Maybe.  Or maybe it’s time to commit to the long-avoided project of window replacement.  They may be able to be repaired rather than replaced, but you need to know the difference first.  How do you know when it’s finally time to replace your windows?

    time to replace windowsFirst and foremost, check the year in which your windows were installed.  If they were installed prior to 1960, lead-based paint can be in issue, especially in single-pane windows.  Unlike walls with lead-based paint, when windows are opened and closed, the friction causes lead dust to be released and can cause lead poisoning in children.  If you are one of these homes that was built prior to 1960 and have not had window replacements since, it’s time to think about a replacement to avoid these lead-based paint issues.  

    The second biggest thing to consider is energy efficiency.  If you’ve noticed your energy bill skyrocketing and drafts near the windows, the two are probably connected.  When you spend so much money to keep your house air conditioned or heated, it should not be wasted by letting in the air from outside or leaking the temperature-controlled air from inside.  This is common when seals begin to break and when windows start to get old, and it can be shocking how much money replacing old windows with energy-efficient windows can actually save you (see also our blog about energy efficiency in your windows).  Windows approved by ENERGY STAR can save even more money, and they also qualify for a tax credit if installed before December 31, 2016 (Tax Credit Blog).  Single pane windows are the least energy efficient, which is also something to consider when replacing your windows.

    When considering whether to replace your windows, you should look for other signs as well.  If your window is no longer opening and closing well or if condensation or fogging starts occurring on or between glass panes, it’s time to replace.  Aesthetic appearance of the windows is important as well; if the windows are beginning to chip or have water stains, the value of your home could go down significantly, which may be important to you living there, or it may matter more if you’re looking to sell your home soon.  If parts need to be replaced in the window, it can be incredibly difficult to find replacement parts, so if you find that something need to be repaired and some other aspects of your windows are also lacking, replacement may be the best option.

    Another key factor to consider when trying to decide whether to replace windows is how well outside noise is blocked.  If you can hear noises from the outside clearly, your windows may be outdated and need to be replaced with newer windows.  New windows are created to reduce sound from the outside, which may begin to really matter to you if you have loud neighbors, dogs barking, or really if you just don’t want to hear the outside noises when you’re inside.

    Replacing windows may seem like a daunting task, even when you look at yours and see one or more of the signs listed above.  You don’t have to break the bank to replace windows, though, and it doesn’t have to be a lot of effort on your part.  Contact Zen Windows to speak directly to the owner to find out how you can relax and get window quotes in 5 minutes without ever allowing salesmen into your home!