• Energy Star Partner

    Zen Windows Louisville has achieved partner status with ENERGY STAR for its commitment to delivering the very most energy efficient products on the market. Our product line is highly recognizable and we consider all our products to be true engineering triumphs. Our windows and doors can all stand up to any kind of weather while delivering the very best energy efficiency all year round. This way you'll find that all our products offer a great return on investment by helping you to make huge savings on your energy bills.

    But what does it mean to be an ENERGY STAR partner? ENERGY STAR is an Environment Protection Agency based in the US and mandated to encourage the production and usage of energy saving products among businesses and individuals. To meet their requirements, companies must meet specific minimum requirements that ensure the best energy efficiency and savings.

    To earn the 'ENERGY STAR' label, insulation will be tested among various other things. Zen Windows products also have a range of additional features that help us to meet their requirements. These include:

    • Heat locking vinyl frames
    • UV blocking glass coated with low-E
    • Advanced insulation option using krypton or argon glass alongside tripe or double paned glass
    • Polyurethane foam filling frames and sashes for extra insulation
    • Tight seals for minimum air infiltration
    • Air blockage using triple-weather stripping

    Our windows also have certification from other organizations including the American AAMA. Zen Windows Louisville is also a member of the NFRC – a rating council that is focused on administering methods for measuring the efficiency of skylights, doors and windows.

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