• Residential Vinyl Siding

    If you're looking for a smart way to upgrade your home, then you should consider getting vinyl siding installed by Zen Windows Louisville. Siding is fantastic not only for protecting your walls but also for adding extra insulation to help keep your energy bills down. And when it comes to siding, vinyl offers many different advantages over other options in terms of the durability and return on investment.

    Here we will look at six of the best advantages that vinyl siding has to offer…

    Great Protection

    Vinyl siding is much more durable than other types of siding and this ensures that it is better able to protect the home and keep it safe against the elements.

    What makes vinyl siding more durable is firstly the fact that it is a synthetic rather than natural material. This means that unlike wooden siding, it won't be susceptible to termites. At the same time, because vinyl is not porous, it won't absorb moisture. Thus, unlike concrete and stucco it doesn't erode either.

    In general then, vinyl is the best choice for keeping your home secure which is why it's the number one option for home improvement.

    Low Maintenance

    These same things also ensure that vinyl siding requires very little in the way of maintenance. Because it doesn't get eaten by insects or eroded by moisture, you won't constantly be required to make repairs or to apply coatings. Instead you can just leave your vinyl siding to 'do its thing' and it will provide you with the protection you need without any input from you. Unlike wooden or concrete siding, you won't even need to spend time fixing chipped paint. This also means your property will stay looking great all year round.

    Great Colors

    When you install wooden siding you will then have to paint it in order to get it to match the color of your home. Not only does this take time up-front but you will also likely need to continuously 'top up' that color as it becomes faded or chipped and it's unlikely to ever be an exact match for the color you want.

    It's a different story with vinyl siding though, which actually comes already in the color you select. There's no need to paint and the color will always be vibrant and precise.


    Vinyl is a cheap material because it is prefabricated. This means that even though it actually provides better protection than wood or other materials, you will pay less for it!

    Quick Installation

    What adds to these savings even further, is the fact that vinyl siding is very quick and easy to install. That means that you can do it yourself and it's only likely to take you a couple of hours, saving you money on workmen. On the other hand though, if you do get the siding installed professionally, it will only take a short time and so it won't cost too much. When you combine this with the fact that the vinyl itself is cheap, it's apparent that you can make big savings by choosing vinyl siding – which means you'll have more funds left over to spend on other aspects of your home such as windows, doors, landscaping, and other upgrades.

    A Great Investment!

    On top of all this, vinyl siding also lasts much longer than other types of siding because it doesn't deteriorate in the same way. Combined with the low initial cost, this makes vinyl siding by far the best investment – you'll spend less and get a longer product lifespan for your money.

    And to make life even better for you, Zen Windows also offers a lifetime guarantee. That means that there's also zero risk of anything going wrong with your product or installation so you'll be sure to get the most from the investment!