• Window Styles

  • Zen Windows Louisville™ carries a comprehensive offering of windows styles. We have what you need in every style for any room in your home. Use the reference chart below to find your preferred style. Give Dan a call today and get your 5 minute quote.

  • Single Hung

    Single-hung windows are practical and pleasing to the eye. Include 2 sashes. One moves up and down and the other is fixed.

  • Double Hung

    The most popular style on the market, double-hung windows feature two operating sashes and provide both beauty and performance.

  • Casement

    Casement windows, which open out to the side, are one of the most thermally efficient window styles offered.

  • Picture

    Picture windows come in all shapes and sizes, and are fixed windows, rather than made to be opened and closed.

  • Slider

    Sliding windows are similar to double hungs, but they operate horizontally to provide a wider, more unobstructed view.

  • Garden

    Garden windows extend outward from the building and have a sloped glass roof to ensure quick water runoff and allow additional sunlight to stream in.

  • Awning

    An awning window has a hinge on top and opens outward, allowing air to flow up and into the building while keeping out any rain that might fall.

  • Bow & Bay

    The three-dimensional effects of a bow or bay window will add space, light and viewing area to any home.