Do You Want to Pay Month after Month for Your Windows...Forever? You Don't Have To.

You Might be Paying for Your Old Windows Without Even Knowing It.

Some Louisville homeowners are throwing their money right out the window. Month after month, they are paying higher utility bills than they should because their windows are more than 10 years old. Newer windows can be a real money pit too if they are not properly made.

Of course, energy wasted=higher energy costs.

Some things to remember:

Energy costs are higher than ever, and they continue to rise.

New vinyl windows are equally if not more important than other energy efficient items (such as appliances) in your home.

Weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable and severe, and because of this, the need for effective heating and cooling systems is increasing.

Everyone knows top quality windows keep out cold drafts during winter, but sometimes people forget that they work just as hard in the warm months to prevent of heat transfer.

Bottom Line: Louisvilleers know the weather here can get wild. Homeowners need to shield themselves from the extreme highs and lows that raise energy costs. Installing new, energy-saving vinyl windows is the number one means of achieving this.

Zen Sells Only the Most Energy Efficient Windows

You can rest easy when you choose Zen for your replacement windows, because you know you're getting the most cost-effective windows in Louisville. We will NEVER sell inferior windows that waste your energy and hard-earned money.

A Run-down of Our Window Offerings

It’s no surprise that our high-end windows include double-insulation and Low-E glass, but did you know that our entry level windows do too? This window features a Solar Low-E system and is equipped with double glass, Obstruct™ spacer system made of stainless steel, a highly-protective Low-E finish, and argon gas.

We also offer a triple glass product, various spacer options, and Low-E finishes so you can customize your windows to your specific needs.

Finishes and glass types are the most crucial components for energy efficiency, but weather-stripping and foam insulation are also a factor. All our windows come with superior weather-stripping. Some come pre-equipped with foam insulation, and foam can be chosen as an add-on option with several others.

Summary: Any Zen window you select will provide superior energy efficiency. We carry a large array of options to beautify your home while keeping energy costs down.


We are honored and thrilled to announce that Zen and Soft-lite were awarded the EPA’s National ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year in 2014 and 2015. All of Zen’s windows are made by Soft-Lite, and we’re so pleased they have been recognized for adhering to the highest standard of energy efficiency.