Key Benefits of Zen’s Replacement Windows

Benefits of Zen Replacement Windows

When you choose Zen, you’re getting unsurpassed quality in window replacements and patio doors. What does that mean for you? It means you never need to replace your new vinyl windows again.

It also means a significant reduction in cooling and heating costs. And the peace of mind that comes with our lifetime warranty, no matter whether you stay in your home or decide to sell.

Energy Efficiency

A Zen window is a beautiful, durable window. But its most stellar feature is its energy efficiency.

Our windows exceed the ENERGY STAR® criteria in all 50 states. They’re custom made, and attention is paid to every detail in the manufacturing process. As a result, every window we sell is flawlessly measured with perfect angles.

The fined-tuned manufacturing process along with an ingenious sill and sash design reduces air penetration. With the tightest seal on the market, our windows keep the warm air from escaping during the winter.  And in summer, they keep out the heat.

Weather Resistant

At Zen, we believe durable windows don’t have to be boring. We have a multitude of styles, from bay to picture to double-hung and more. And all these beautiful options will never corrode like metal or decay like wood. They stay beautiful year after year without any maintenance required.

Storm Proof

Our products are built strong. So strong, in fact, that our windows passed the American Society for Testing Materials’ Large Missile Impact Level D tests. They’re tough enough to hold up under sustained winds of 140mph and 212mph gusts. We owe this unparalleled protection against extreme weather and break-ins to 3 panes of glass and 2 mighty polyvinyl butyral inter-layers.


With an array of interior wood-grain finishes, your windows can look like they were made just for your home. Match them to your baseboards, flooring, or furniture for a streamlined, finished appearance. We offer 17 standard exterior colors and a large variety of custom colors to suit your style. We can also customize to fit your budget with three unique product lines and installation options.