• Zen Windows Commisioned Products

  • Windows are so much more than just a way to let light into your home. Our windows add curb appeal to your home. Not only will your home look good from the outside, it will look and feel good from the inside creating a sanctuary of relaxation. Zen Windows Louisville offers only the best vinyl windows and doors. As you watch the video’s below you will see the beneficial features of our windows such as energy efficiency, low maintenance, durability, and much more. Read more about our windows below and make sure to watch the video’s for an in-depth look.


    Lotus Windows come with the premium triple-pane Ultra S glass system. This double-strength glass is coated with top-grade Low-E coatings, argon gas and the metal-free super spacer system. This combination ensures the very best insulation for your home that will keep you toasty all year round while at the same time helping you to make big savings on your energy bills.

    If you’d rather choose another glass though, then Zen also offers a huge range of other choices, including various spacer and Low-E options. These also come in double or triple-glass and multiple different coatings. Zen is highly versatile and makes sure you can get the best type of glass for your home.


    Nirvana Windows feature highly advanced double-insulating Low-E Plus glass systems as standard. These windows feature Low-E coatings combined with stainless steel Intercept spacer systems and argon gas. This will be guaranteed to keep your energy expenditure low and your home warm!

    And for those looking for an upgrade, Zen Windows Louisville provides a range of additional options for glass, spacer and Low-E combos too. Whether you’re looking for triple or double configurations and no matter the spacer or coating choices you want, Zen can meet your requirements and get you the glass you need for your property.



    Karma Windows come with the advanced double-insulating Low-E Plus glass system. This incorporates a single strength glass with high grade Low-E coating, argon gas and aluminum Intercept spacer system. This is a selection of technologies that guarantees incredible energy efficiency and much more comfort for you and your family.

    If you’re looking for something else though, then Zen have you covered with all types of glass, spacer and Low-E combinations. Whether you want double or triple glass or any kind of Low-E coatings or spacer options we can help. So you’ll always get the very best glass for your property!


    Our customer feedback tells us that you may also be in need of 1 or more replacement doors. When you’re upgrading or replacing your windows to improve curb appeal and take advantage of energy savings, a new door makes sense as it will also save you money on energy costs. Simply ask Dan about our doors when you speak with him.